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What our Digital Marketing Certificate Course trainees say about us

A very good learning institute if you wish to pursue the digital way. High on customised training to match your requirement and enhance your skill-set. A must go for all who reside in Surat and nearby vicinity.
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Keren Khambhata
Account Manager, DDB Mudra, Ahmedabad
It is the best institute to learn Digital Marketing. I have come across to one of the best mentors, Bhautik Sir, who also teaches how to achieve goals through Digital Marketing. I am already telling my friends and family to be the part of iVIPANAN. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything sir! Watch Lajja sharing her experience by clicking here.
Lajja Shah Fashion Blogger
Lajja Shah
Blogger, Belgium
Best experience learning here. Learning Digital marketing was never I thought of, but when I started Social Media Marketing as my career, I came across iVIPANAN and doing a course from here I got a feather added to my career. You taught us technicalities with all the detailed study and researched material. Thanks for making my career a best one. I will always try to incorporate the knowledge that you have bestowed on me in my work. Thanks again iVIPANAN.
city tadka employee
Hinal Modi
City Tadka
An Institute which welcomes everyone, from a fresher just passed college or a professional working in the industry already. Welcoming with open hands, iVIPANAN showers knowledge and experience on each of its students irrespective of their background. Joined the Institute with a blank mind and no clear direction on my goals, iVIPANAN has helped me get a clear vision and path to move in my life. It is easy to survive in the competition. market, struggles if one has a vision and goal. Grateful to the Institute for helping me develop one.
Shruti Bubna
Shruti Bubna
Bubna Polysack Industries, Surat
20% of my salary was increased because of digital marketing and credit for this goes to Bhautik sir. He is not only a trainer but he is a mentor.
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Manthan Madrasi
Hare Krishna Exports Pvt.Ltd., Surat
Bhautik sir is most creative, most enthusiastic person I have ever seen. Learning digital marketing was superb. His teaching method was so good. Watch Deepali sharing her experience by clicking here.
Online Yug Surat
Deepali Panchal
MBA, Pune University
I am glad to be the student of iVIPANAN and Bhautik sir. He is a phenomenal teacher as the way he teaches is really superb. He lightens up the imagination. He isa resourceful, creative and soultion oriented person who is often able to cope up with new and innovative approaches.
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Reena Patel
SEO Professional, Bharuch
Thank you so much Bhautik Sir & Ivipanan. So I go to learn a lot of new things. So I just thought of Digital marketing is Social Media Marketing. But it’s actually a lot more than that. And I also got to know why we should do it not just how to do it. It’s very useful and Thank you so much!
Shradha Bothrha
Shradha Bothrha
BBA, Auro University
Digital Marketing, itself is an interesting course; the course was further enhanced by the efficient designing and execution by Mr Bhautik Seth. The course is targeting the professionals and anyone without any knowledge of computer language & HTML coding can enjoy this course and execute business strategies accordingly. The real-life examples given by Mr Bhautik has helped me to understand the impact and potential of digital marketing. If you are a business professional and wants to execute digital marketing in no time then iVIPANAN is the place to go. Cheers!
digital marketing for food indsutry
Tejas Kharwar
Founder, VK Food Processors India
I am fortunate that I got the digital marketing training from iVIPANAN, as i was pursuing MBA marketing and took the extra coaching from Bhautik sir, my whole sight of marketing has been reformed and it was a great time to learn about SEO, SEM, SMM and various other topics in detail. It was too easy and enjoyable to understand the toughest topic with real time examples as well with analogy. I am so happy that I started my career and got my first job as a digital marketing manager in an MNC, Venus Concept during my course. I am thankful to Bhautik sir for sharing his knowledge in such a beautiful manner and also helping on many hurdles of life and always providing guidance for my better future.
Digital Marketing for IT industry
Murtaza Hawalchi
Digital Marketing Manager, Venus Concept
Bhautik Sheth is without doubt the most knowledgeable leader in the setup. A very dedicated person who would always be willing to go that extra mile. A self starter who had the right mix of technical expertise and flamboyance. A very professional and a motivational leader.
Online marketing for B2B
Milind Sindha
Founder, AapKiOffer.com
Quite useful and lots of insights into how digital marketing is useful and is the in thing. Has got a great potential. The faculty (Bhautik Sheth) isvery knowledgeable about his subject and quite spontaneous with clarity. All queries dealt with and cleared with patience. Great job. Keep it up and good luck.
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Dhillkushi Gurumurthy
Former Trainer - Reliance
While searching for the digital marketing course in surat, I found iVIPANAN. At that time, I was not knowing much about iVIPANAN but after joining it and completing the certificate course, I felt so confident about my career because of great efforts by Bhautik sir. I am thankful to iVIPANAN for making me the best in Digital Marketing.
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Murtaza Taniwala
Founder, Universal Techies
Bhautik sir is always being my mentor and guider for my carrier from the day one i met. Infact he gave me the way towards the internet world of which i always scared of and gets fumble. But he made me to love this huge world with a small techniques n tricks and i must say i started loving it. hmmm... i think learning Digital Marketing has a very good scope specially for girls who wants to create their own identity even from home.
Digital Marketing USA
Krishna Patel
Great experience learning digital marketing from Bhautik sir. He is one of awesome teachers i have learned from. He and his team are very supportive. The best part is I joined his company only after completing my course! Will always admire you sir!!
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Reshma Rohida
Team Member at iVIPANAN
The best Digital Marketing. I have tried a digital Marketing course in many places but I was never satisfied with all the courses. This is the best institute to learn Digital Marketing and each and every minor thing to learn from Bhautik Sir. It is the best institute it any case if you stopped somewhere all the trainees & team members are here. They always support all the queries whatever time we just call them.
parthvi charania
Parthvi Charania
Shilpa Yoga School, Mumbai
Bhautik is a thorough professional who push himself to limits to execute his tasks with amazing results, has a very good command and knowledge regarding his subject and is a great motivator, teacher, mentor and guide for any one. Very hard working and meticulous in his approach, also a very good orator and presenter with very good eye for details...Way to go...keep doing the things the way it is...you will get much more higher results in time to come...all the best!!!! Watch Anil sharing his experience by clicking here.
HR professional
Anil Ramnani
HR Manager, Essar Ltd., Surat
Bhautik sir was always a very good mentor during the course. He has always guided me whenever I was stuck. Watch Charmi sharing her experience by clicking here.
Digital Marketing Kerala
Charmi Shah
RBL Bank, Mumbai
It was an amazing experience learning from iVIPANAN. Bhautik sir has a customized approach of teaching digital marketing topics as per the background of each trainee. Also, here we have a community called SOCONSE wherein their prime purpose is to keep updated their present as well as their past trainees about the Current Trends in Digital Marketing. This makes iVIPANAN the best and the 'only' institute to provide lifetime membership for SOCONSE in the entire Gujarat. They are very helpful. The doors of the institute are always open for their present as well as past trainees, if they have any doubt regarding any topic. I would highly recommend iVIPANAN to the newbies and also to the professionals who have any kind of interest in the field of Digital Marketing and who see their future/career in the same. Watch Kinjal sharing her experience by clicking here.
Digital Marketing Auro University
Kinjal Shah
MBA, Auro University
As it was the best experience to learn digital marketing. I will highly recommend to students & Professionals who want to learn Digital Marketing in Surat. I will highly recommend Ivipanan and Bhautik Sheth to learn from. It is one-stop solution here.
Kuldip Sharma
Kuldip Sharma
Digital Marketing Professional, Surat
The best institute in Surat, best mentor Bhautik sir in the world of digital marketing. He doesn’t give only theoretical knowledge but he explains with all practical and live examples there it clears all fundamentals of digital marketing. Thank you, Bhautik Sir. Thank you iVIPANAN for giving us a new way.
Automobile marketing
Preksha Shah
Filmshoppee, Surat
Learning digital marketing at iVIPANAN was unique experience. I joined this course in January 2017. My initial motivation to join this course was to understand importance of quantitative information in digital marketing. My objective was well served through the training of different analytics tools on digital platform. Training was significantly effective so as I was able to make presentation on importance of data in digital marketing in state level seminar. Thank you very much Bhautik Seth for your continuous encouragement. Tough I will have to work hard to reach out to your expectation. Learning important digital marketing concepts like SEO, Social Media Marketing, ORM was really enriching.
Neha Raval
Faculty, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
Before iVIPANAN, I was aware about the word digital marketing. Actually, I the word was running in my mind from last several months. Then I meet Mr. Bhautik Sheth at book fair, surat. He explained the importance of digital marketing in our brief meeting. Then I attend one seminar of iVIPANAN and Finally I decided to join the course. At iVIPANAN, I found Mr. Bhautik Sheth very humble and experienced person of digital marketing. It was enjoyable to learn all the modules and lessons of digital marketing. Now my idea of changing the career path is confirmed in my mind. Thanks to iVIPANAN and Mr. Bhautik Sheth for all the support.
marketing for pharma
Divyang Patel
Lincoln Pharma Ceuticals
I'm enjoying Learning Digital Marketing because it was my favorite subject and approach n teaching method of Mr. Bhautik is amazing. you can always find him with full on energy...He is a seasoned professional with vest experience and different industry knowledge with deep market/consumer insights. Also have great people management skills that makes him different from others.
Digital Marketing in Bangalore
Suneet Gupta
Professional, Bangalore
iVIPANAN & Bhautik sir is one of the best in Digital Marketing & Management Skills, the teaching style here is very impressive & powerful and i am sure that in future iVIPANAN will give powerful marketing leaders to Digital Marketing Industry.
Trainer DigitPerform
Ankur Bhatia
Trainer at DigiPerform, Surat
I wanted to learn Digital Marketing and actually, I heard about Digital Marketing in 2015 or 2016. At that time I googled the term and result was iVIPANAN and Bhautik Sheth. As a reference too, his name was popped out from everyone. He is a very strong name when it comes to Digital Marketing. He is not only a mentor for Digital Marketing but mentor for life also. Watch Nilomi sharing her experience by clicking here.
Good Old Geek
Nilomi Mehta
Co-founder, Good Old Geek
I’ve heard iVIPANAN from one of my family friends. I didn’t know what Digital Marketing was then. I’ve done computer engineering but was not interested in coding. Later, I decided to give a chance to the digital marketing field and now I am working in the Digital Marketing company. Watch Ashmi sharing her experience by clicking here.
Online Yug Surat
Ashmi Mevawala
Digital Marketing Executive, OnlineYug
Learning with iVIPANAN (Bhautik sheth) is a great and unique experience for me personally. Learning is always a great process for me in life, it's a best experience for me, we will work in the field of marketing with the support from iVIPANAN always, looking forward for the unbreakable link with bhautik sir. My heartily thanks to you sir.
Deeksha Digital
Deepan Amar
Deeksha Digital
I Wanted to learn Digital Marketing for a long time but I was really not aware of it is about. Then I came in contact with Bhautik sir then I came to know what a digital marketing exactly it about. Now I have learned so much learn from this institute. I can say that today that this is the best institute. You should learn Digital Marketing and it has very wide scope ahead. Thank You!
Riddhi Sanghvi
Riddhi Sanghvi
Small business owner, Surat