About Our Team

Our Digital Marketing Soldiers

Work with the Qualified and Experienced Digital Marketing Team. We understand your need and our team is always on the toes to help your business grow. We are the army of soldiers ready to fight against bad marketing to save your business!

team member
Bhautik Sheth


team member
Shruti Sheth


team member
Isha Modi

Sr Manager - Client Service and Digital Strategies

team member
Siddhi Jain

Manager - Social Media Strategies

team member
Divya Mistry

Sr Specialist - SEO & Web Development

team member
Mira Davawala

Sr Copywriter

team member
Reshma Rohida

Lead - Creative and Design

team member
Manisha Srivastava

Specialist - SEO and Client Service

team member
Unnati Gosai

Jr. Creative Designer

team member
Bindiya Marfatia

Specialist - SEO and Web Development